Memory Lanes …rally tales 3

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The third A5 book on rallying topics that have a loose connection with the MN Championships of the sixties and early seventies.




Memory Lanes …rally tales 3 is the latest in a series of A5 sized books being a compilation of various articles, stories and memories all related to the Motoring News Championship of the late sixties and seventies (some tentatively!) and to the previous Memory Lanes series of books.

This latest Rally Tales is 105 pages long and includes over 80 black and white photographs from that period.  The cost was £12.00 which included post and packaging within the UK.

**** ALL SOLD SORRY*****

(there is a possibility of a reprint in the next couple of months (September 2020).



Subjects covered include:

  • a detailed tribute to the late Bill Gwynne, Motoring News Champion in 1977 and 1978.
  • the story of the rallying fraternity’s involvement in the Caravan Club rally
  • the “surprising” history of a Lotus Cortina,
  • the beginning of rallying in Oman,
  • anecdotal memories from Peter Valentine and Tom Wilkinson,
  • the Welsh Marches rallies of 1964 and 1970 – comment, reports and road books
  • Tour de France ’78 – Chris Sclater’s “interesting” trip over Burzet



Rally Tales 3

This is a copy of Ian Shapland’s book review from this month’s (October) Old Stager magazine.

“The third of Peter Robinson’s annual Rally Tales books , this A5 book is 103 pages long and contains about 80 pictures.

Features include the Caravan Club Rally – a real hoot, particularly John Heppenstall’s account of his “Snetterton caravan roll” all because of a marshal’s reaction to the sight of a Ford Zodiac drifting (along with the caravan) at 90mph!

I particularly enjoyed Peter Valentine’s recollections, tales of “rallymanship” making me actually giggle out loud. There is the lovely Chris Sclater tale of helping the lightless Stratos of Bernard Darniche/Alain Mahe through the famous Burzet stage in the dark, the Chardonnet Stratos glued to the Chevettes rear bumper.  Peter looks into the “interesting” evolution of a “Lotus” Cortina that he once owned – a car that this reviewer recalls from the Manx Historic rallies of 1990/91 when it finished second and first overall in the hands of Ian Corkhill…… and there is a lovely tale from Tom Wilkinson regarding a VAT inspection.

This really is a great read – easy to dip into – and will appeal to any rally enthusiast.

Two chapters cover the 1964 and the 1970 Welsh Marches rallies (including route instructions for both events) along with the roll of honour from 1961 to 1971. Showing the wide range of events covered, there is also an interesting chapter recalling the development of rallying in Oman.

At the end of the book there is a 15-page tribute to the late Bill Gwynne who was one of the instigators of the Spinal Track Rally Experience. Each year Peter supports a charity and this year that charity is Spinal Track which runs a rally school at Bill Gwynne’s rally school at Turweston for physically disabled people to have the chance to give it a go and even get a special stage competition licence if they wish to follow up their initial experience – a great charity.




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