Memory Lanes …Rally Tales 5


Rally Tales 5 is the fifth in this series of A5 books on rallying topics that have a loose connection with the Motoring News Rally Championships of the sixties and early seventies.  This latest Rally Tales is 129 pages long and includes 80 black and white photographs mostly from that period.  The cost is £12.50 which includes the cost of post and packaging for UK postal addresses. (email if you wish to order more than one copy)


This year subjects include stories about:

  • SUPERSPORT: one of the most successful private club and national teams and crew in the MN between 1967 and 1973 with recent input from Rod Chapman now residing in Tasmania.
  • KEVIN GORMLEY: the story of a MN navigator who went on to complete over 250 rallies worldwide and then provide the voice overs for the SEGA rally game!
  • RAUNO AALTONEN: the battle to win the 1965 RAC rally with some interesting new observations.
  • MARTIN HOLMES:  rallying re-starts in 1974 after a ban – sound familiar?
  • BOB CHAPMAN: how an impoverished rally driver with only one leg finally proves himself against a top entry in the 1973 Tour of Dean.
  • DON BARROW: the most successful navigator from the MN series.
  • BERTIE: the oldest rally car still in regular use.
  • RALLY ORGANISATION: the problems that can surface in the running of a top road rally.

Readers’ Comments

Nigel Mills:  Brilliant read, well worth getting.

Paul Easter:  Greatly enjoyed, so many reminders of the past.

Paul White:  Fantastic reading.  Evoked lots of memories especially from the Bob Chapman story.  Even learnt some new historical details.  Well worth it.

Don Barrow:  Another brilliant read from Peter Robinson – enjoy.

John Dando:  Brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed it.  As I was Secretary for the Rallye Bristowe at the end of the ’60s and in the ’70s, the names you mentioned meant so much to me.  I am still vice Chairman of Tavern Motor Club and I am flattered at the number of our members or ex-members that have been mentioned – at least 10!!

Terry Kaby:  Fantastic book and a really good read.

Kevin Gormley:  Brilliant read as ever.  Well done Peter.

Peter Nichols:  Just to say my copy of Rally Tales 5 has just arrived.  Its a brilliant little book as are all the others that came before it.  Thanks Peter.

Eifon Jones:  Great Read.  He then went on to mention the following interesting observation about the final story in the book concerning the problems faced by organisers setting out a route for a top MN event in the sixties – ” it also discusses specifically the issue we experienced in the 70, and early 80’s in the Glyn Ceiriog Valley.  That we would have a rally using those roads as often as was allowed (circa every 6 weeks) to the point where the Locals got very upset with this problem.  They often came along the one side of the valley early in the event, and came back along the opposite side early in the morning, causing disturbance twice per rally. Being Local and a known Rally competitor I used to get it in the neck frequently. and the problem was further problematic, when many of the events came from 100 + miles away; no PR or very little, and when a problem arose they moved onto another patch the following year, doing the same there, leaving it for us Local Clubs to sort out their issues”.

John Pulleyn:  The best one yet!

Vic Quayle:  Another good read.  Brings back great memoriesof terrific events, cars and personalities.

Nick Darkin:  I have read each of the Memory Lanes books when I first bought them and I have now just finished re-reading them all!  I have also received my copy of Rally Tales 5.  This is again a fabulous addition to the series.  It amazes me how Peter manages to dig out detailed stories, photos and event information going back some 60 years.  (Ed. – age helps!)



Rally Tales 5 is the fifth in this series of A5 books on rallying topics that have a loose connection with the Motoring News Rally Championships of the sixties and early seventies.


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