Photohistoric represents part of a collection of photographs taken by Peter Robinson.  Many of these are motor sport related and were from the late Sixties and early Seventies.

Personalities photographed include Graham Hill, Jim Clark, John Surtees, Lorenzo Bandini, Phil Hill, Brian Redman, Richard Attwood, Derek Bell, Jackie Stewart, Colin Chapman, Bruce McLaren, Hannu Mikkola, Simo Lampinen, Timo Makinen, Stig Blomquist, Tony Fall, Paddy Hopkirk and many others from that period.  From the personalities involved it will be seen that the collection includes photographs from motor racing, rallying and rallycross.  Some of these photographs are unique in that they were taken during private test sessions where there  was no press presence.  Some were taken whilst spectating in positions and situations that would be impossible to experience today whilst others were taken on specific events where his participation prevented more typical action shots.

The result is a collection of personal memories from a period of Club and International motor sport that has emerged as one of the most interesting and relevent in motor sport history given today’s public fascination with historic racing and rallying.

The web site allows these pictures, displayed in low resolution format, to be purchased.  Those purchased will then be digitally transmitted to the purchaser in high density format.  The size of those files requires broadband connection for successful receipt.

In addition to these photographs, copies of Peter Robinson’s books Memory Lanes …revisited, Memory Lanes …the early years and Memory Lanes …the beginning can also all be purchased through  These three books are about the Motoring News rallying championship  and cover the years 1961 to 1973 with detailed accounts of all of the rallies and  some 500 period pictures sourced from all over the country.

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