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BMC Mini 1275 Cooper Sseen here on the TV stage put on near Camberley following the cancellation of the 1967 RAC rally due to Foot and Mouth disease. It is a highly unusual shot in that it is crewed by two works drivers, namely Timo Makinen and Tony Fall. BL were notorious for swapping around registration numbers on their different cars but it is believed that the competition history behind this car is as follows:

1966 Monte Carlo rally, P. Hopkirk/H. Liddon, 3rd o/a but then disqualified

1966 Rally of the Flowers, A. Fall/H. Liddon, disqualified

1966 Tulip rally, T. Makinen/P. Easter, 9th o/a, 1st in class

1966 RAC rally, T. Makinen/P. Easter, retired

1967 Circuit of Ireland, P. Hopkirk/T. Harryman, 1st o/a

1967 Tulip rally, D. Benzimra/T. Harryman, retired

1967 Scottish rally, A. Fall/M. Wood, retired

1967 Marathon de la Route (in 970cc form), A. Fall/J. Vernaeve/A. Hedges 2nd o/a

1967 Tour de Corse, P. Hopkirk/R. Crellin, retired

1968 Canadian Shell 4000 rally, P. Hopkirk/M. Kerry, disqualified

Following restoration it was sold at Coys in 1989 for $86000 and again at Coys in 1996, this timefor $55000. It is now in a private collection. (see also PJR0079)

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