Posters from cover shoot – Memory Lanes …revisited


Since the release of Memory Lanes ….

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Since the release of Memory Lanes ….revisited there have been many positive comments in respect of the front and back covers. These were taken by Rob Formstone and myself at the end of February 2011 up in the Welsh mountains above Bala and it was very cold!!

As a result of these comments we have decided to offer these as digital downloads that can they be printed as posters. Beware, they are large files (up to 11 meg.)! The five options are shown below and all are priced at 25 for single use only. Each will have the Copyright owner printed in the bottom right hand corner and the same Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to these images as all others on this web-site. If you have not read these already please read before purchasing any image from the web site.

These cover imagescan be purchased in the normal manner but should be accompanied by an email to (or use the Contact button) stating which image is required (Portrait: 1 or2- Landscape:3,4 or 5), that you are able to accept a large downloaded file and you agree to the single use Copyright and T & Cs referred to above. The image will then be downloaded to your selected email address.

"Front 1

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"" 3

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